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Program for Teen Parents, Rappahannock Area Community Services Board

Who We Are

The RACSB’S Programs for Teen Parents supports teens prior to the birth of their child and throughout the first three years of the child’s life.  PTP encourages a healthy pregnancy, a nurturing relationship between the parents and their child and empowers teen parents to serve as mentors for other teens in their community.  A Parent Educator is approved to work with pregnant and parenting teens in all high schools in Spotsylvania County to promote healthy relationships and  self esteem,  support their education for on time high school  graduation, foster future employment opportunities through education, and provide  financial childcare help if they meet certain requirements.

Adolescent mothers under the age of 18 years old in the state of Virginia do not qualify for government assistance for childcare expenses, TANF or VIEW.  So, in turn the majority of these Virginia teen mothers do not return to high school.  PTP has witnessed a large percentage of teen mothers unable to fund childcare for their newborn who in turn leave school permanently without completing the requirements for a high school diploma or GED..  In response, PTP created the Teen Parent Scholarship Fund that serves to improve the quality of life for both the teen parent and the child.  By completing a high school education, the teen parent is able to earn twice the income possible without a high school education.  The teen parent recipients attend high school regurlarly, participate in parenting activities and classes, and acquire support to establish goals as a parent.

What We Do

The mission of RACSB’S PROGRANFOR TEEN PARENTS  is to facilitate healthier pregnancies, healthier babies, develop life skills, and support a nurturing relationship between parent and child.  Improving the parenting knowledge and skills of teen parents reduces the risk of child abuse and neglect, reduces the likelihood that the children will be placed in foster care, and improves the outcomes for both the parents and their children.  Providing these teens with the support and resources to finish their high school education, receive prenatal health care, learn positive ways to cope with stress/frustration, connect with needed community resources and obtain employment decreases the likelihood of involvement in risky behaviors such as use of illegal substances, underage drinking of alcohol, use of violence, and involvement in gangs and/or criminal activities.  


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